Isha2SK2015 @ SBS Drama My Love From The Star Special Exhibition

I’m back from my trip to South Korea!!!

My plan was to post from SK but we all know the best laid plans….

One of our many stops was the SBS Drama My Love From The Star Special Exhibition which is open until end of August this year.

It was….frickin’….amaze balls.

I was totally obsessed with Do Min Joon and Cheon Song I’s homes during the drama and being able to see everything in person was breath taking.

Everything was EXACTLY the same.

I was totally blown away.

They were also playing the entire MLFTS soundtrack on the over head ‘Bose-like’ quality sound system, that was totally giving me the chills as we walked around looking at all those beautiful scenes I’d only seen on the Viki app on my I Pad from all the way in the USA.

I have to say, if I had the gold coins to build and design a home from scratch, Cheon Song I’s entire home would definitely be my blue print, along with Do Min Joon’s garden area with the water moat. Droolz.

Visitors could not walk around in their homes, but the exhibit was set up so that you could walk in partially from all different angles to get great pictures.

Being able to walk in Do Min Joon’s door and shut it behind me was more that enough. LOL

When I saw their building elevator, I freaked the fak out and immediately jumped in and struck a crazy pose that had absolutely nothing to do with the drama whatsoever.

Well…you’ll see in the pics. Hehehe.

Absolutely no shame.

Enjoy!!! ^^

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Countdown to Korea – Update!!!

One month to go before I leave for Seoul!!!

screaming internally

As usual, my arch nemesis “Only One Suitcase” is still at large and needs to be conquered.

I have a pretty good idea of what I want to pack for my trip, but seeing as 50% of the items are not purchased and are currently still in their stores…

The weather in South Korea is being very disrespectful and adding to my packing woes.



SK, I need you to be at like 60-ish so that I can wear my outfits that are still in the stores. – _ –

I found out that recently that K Con Japan 2015 will be taking place while I am in SK. Which means there will be one or two days that Incheon will be absolutely swamped with all types of k pop goodies artists.

My camera and my body are ready.

Also…BTS, your East Coast Noona is coming!!!

screams internally again

I seriously don’t know if I’ll survive this trip to the k pop/drama promised land.

Between fan girling, eating, shopping and Soju-ing….SMH


…coming soon.

Countdown to Korea!

The countdown is on….

Soon I will be fastening my seat belt once again for my first trip to Seoul, South Korea!

Can I just say, my feels are at an all time high. I don’t really know how I am going to contain myself over the next two and a half months.

I am going with a school mate of mine, whose love of K pop and K dramas are totally on par with mine. We watch pretty much all of the same dramas, we both melt like ice cream for Bangtan Boys and also love Korean foods, so this trip is going to be INSANE.

I purchased my new Samsung camera on Black Friday, fully equipped with wifi and all sorts of other goodies, so I can be on FULL paparazzi mode from the minute we land in Incheon. We are hoping to spot some celebs on our trip and I have a strong feeling we won’t be disappointed.

Our schedule is totally jam packed. From Hongdae to Jeju, we are planning to fit in as much as we possibly can. A Bangtan fan meeting is high on the to do list, of course. Seeing them would be…OMG. I can’t even find the words.

I will probably gain a ton of weight on this trip, as I plan to eat everything in sight. – _ – There’s a few restaurants that were featured in the drama Let’s Eat that are on our list, the Hello Kitty cafe (I saw online that the cafes sell HK wearing a hanbok…HAVE TO get her), The Mins…Basically every where there’s food and drinks. Yum! I can taste the calories already.

If you have been to Seoul and know of any must see places or must eat spots, please let me know.

I am totally open to suggestions! ^^

Isha’s Adventures in Japan – Akihabara

My next stop in Japan was Akihabara.

Akihabara, also known as Electric Town, was said to be originally known as a hot spot for buying electronics. Now it is also an awesome place to find all things Anime and Manga. The performance theatre for AKB48, a SUPER popular J Pop group, is also located here.

After leaving the Yamanote line train station, we followed the crowd to the main street and just walked down one side until the crowd and good stores thinned out. Then we crossed and walked back up the other side. It sounds like something that wouldn’t take long but there were so many fun stores, arcades and places to eat along the way, it literally took hours.

We stumbled across 2 places that I had seen online but that I wasn’t really looking for. The Gachapon store and Pasela Resorts.

Gachapon is basically the deluxe ‘Gucci’ version of the American 25 cent vending machines. It is called Gachapon based on the noise the ball makes as it falls out of the machine. The price of each one ranges from 100 to 200 yen, which is $1 to $2 US dollars. It may seem like a lot but the items in these machines are not your average, by any means.

Thank goodness I can read Katakana or I may have walked right past the side street the store was on. It had a good amount of people in it. Foreigners and also natives of Japan. It was hard to snap pics without someone in the background. It had wall to wall Gachapon machines. Everyone had their change in their hands, happily moving from one machine to the next. The machines have themes, so you can pick the theme that you liked, then hope you get the character based on that particular theme that you wanted. I counted five differently themed Hello Kitty machines, a LINE character machine, two Rilakkuma machines and then there were also various other anime etc (each show had it’s own one).

I ended up with 10 balls as my total count when I left. Everything was so CUTE! I got cell phone charms, a coin purse, a small Rilakkuma cell phone sized purse (yes…a purse), a Hello Kitty miniature fan and assorted charms to hang on my handbags. Handbag charms in Japan are a HUGE craze. It is not uncommon to see girls and women on the street with teddy tears etc hanging from their bags. This is also true with cell phone charms.

Pasela Resort’s concept is hotel themed in appearance but it’s actually place you can go for karaoke and is also well known for it’s honey toast. I walked right past it at first , then did a double take when I saw their food and honey toast display in the window. Food displays are also huge in Japan. It’s a good concept. Many places I ate at were because I could see exactly what the food would look like and the amount that would be served before I went into the restaurant.

In my ‘I’m-finally-gonna-eat-honey-toast’ bliss, I’d totally forgotten about the karaoke and was a little confused when the girl at the front desk gave me a leather envelope that had my ‘room’ number in it. We took the elevator to the 7th floor. There were many rooms and when I found 705 and opened the door, I was in shock. It was hella nice! Leather sectional seat, tv, sound system, AC, air purifier for smokers, chandelier, microphone etc. It was fully loaded. You could also place your food order through the tv or on the room phone.

The room was ‘free’ for an hour. Over that, I would’ve had to pay extra besides the cost of the food so we just had lunch and honey toast of course! The honey toast was good but not something I’d want to eat all the time. It was huge and would’ve been wasted if I had to eat it alone. There’s no way I could have finished it by myself.

I’ve ‘seen’ Akihabara in many different anime so I felt like I’d been there before. Japanese anime tends to use real locations of places in Japan in their illustrations. However, seeing it in person as opposed to animations of it was incredible. It is another place I would definitely recommend to anyone traveling to Tokyo.

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Only one suitcase?! -_-

I was informed by United Airlines that I may only take one suitcase along with my carry on and personal item (purse) on my flight to Japan. Wait. Let me re-phrase that. I can take an extra suitcase BUT it would cost me $100. Bhahaha!!! Do they not know how much Hello Kitty items I can buy with $100?

Needless to say, I was horrified. When I went last year, I flew Air Canada. I was not impressed by their planes or their level of service but my 2nd suitcase was free since I was flying internationally.

How can I possibly pack my styles into one suitcase? My shoes ALONE need their own suitcase. I say styles because what I wear depends on how I feel when I wake up each morning. Sometimes I like the Preppy look. Sometimes I like the Rocker look. Sometimes I like the Girly look. This now means that I can’t give myself the option of packing more than one outfit of each look. I have to chose one of each and stick to it.

This would be okay if I wasn’t so indecisive about my clothes. I went to Dunkin Donuts not too long ago and changed my shirt three times. I was only out of the house for mmmm, maybe half an hour. Can you imagine what’s going to take place when I’m in Tokyo, one of the major fashion capitals of the world, trying to pick out an outfit? For those of you who are saying “Meh, no one in Japan really cares what you have on”, I’d like to share a quick story.

Upon arrival at the Narita airport last year, within ten minutes or so of collecting my suitcases in baggage claim, I stood in the airport lobby looking around. I was trying to figure out where I should go first. I needed to pick up my Rail Pass, my Japan cell phone from the post office and buy my shuttle bus ticket to my hotel. Suddenly (I am so not making this up) a reporter and four man camera crew materialized in front of me. Later, after some research, I found out that TV Tokyo was interviewing travelers in the airport for Japan’s tourism. I was VERY surprised. They asked me questions for about five minutes. During that five minutes a good size crowd of people (20+) had gathered. This lovely crowd, with their cell phones high in the air, were busy snapping photos of me being interviewed. THANK GAWD, that the outfit I had on was one of my favs that I had put a lot of thought into or I would’ve DIED. I am still working on my airport fashion for this trip, just in case….

So back to my current dilemma. United Airlines and their foolishness. I have already packed, re-packed and unpacked many times. I have no idea how I am going to pull this off. The only thing I have decided on is that my shoes will go in my carry on. Mind you, I haven’t even started to pick through my shoes yet. And purses? *Shudders

Packing this suitcase is definitely a work in progress. Wish me luck!