My early ‘Year in Review’

Seeing as the holidays are right around the corner and knowing how people are so busy during this time, I decided to post my blog’s first ‘Year in Review’ early. ^.^

As I sit back and thing about everything I have done this year, I’d have to say that it has been fun. I’ve also gotten some bumps and bruises along the way, but that’s life right?


My travel log was super cool this year.

Going to Japan again, this time for my birthday, meant so much to me. Tokyo holds such a special place in my heart and I always feel like I’m home while I’m there.

When the tsunami hit Japan a few years ago, I remember standing in front of my tv crying and praying. Since then I’ve been there twice and knowing that I was almost unable to go at all, makes me treasure the island, the people and their culture even more each time I visit.

The Hello Kitty Convention in LA’s Little Tokyo was also another highlight for my travel log. I met a lot of awesome people there. It was nice to see that my HK induced craziness, was not mine alone. There.are.others. And they were there in droves. The convention sold out for all four days. I also got to finally see with my own two eyes, Yuko Yamaguchi-san, head designer for Hello Kitty over the last 30 years. When I think about all of the ill collaborations HK has done during that time, only two words come to my mind. Bow down.


This is the first year that I have listened to 95% K pop music alone.

90% of that goes to BTS.

The other 5% goes to K pop songs that BTS listened or danced to.

The last 5% goes to American songs that BTS listened or danced to.

You see where I’m going with this right?

It was a BTS year for me. Between their new album ‘Dark and Wild’, the promotions for ‘Dark and Wild’, the various magazine spreads, the ridiculously cute Bangtan Bombs, their millions of tweets and everything else, BTS has successfully taken the spot as my number one group. I absolutely LOVE them. Every.single.member.

My feels were absolutely torn to shreds when BTS recently performed at the MAMAs in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. They didn’t win either of the two awards they were nominated for, but they stole the whole dam show with their off the hook performances. They SLAYED and I was so proud.


I am a HUGE foodie. If the food is good, I.AM.THERE.

This past year, due to the location of my new job, I was able to explore a lot of new Asian restaurants. Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and a few fusion spots. Cucumber water…who knew??? Hello Kitty Maki, yes please!!!

The only reason I am even able to barely fit into my clothes as I type this, is due to the amount of ungawdly walking I have to do on my way to and from work.



Who has time for that?! Certainly not me. All my time has been split between the above categories plus work and family. How could I possibly fit anything else in? Eventually, I’ll settle down but for now, I am happy in my space.

So that’s my ‘Year in Review’.

Geeze. When I write it out, it doesn’t seem like much but really it was so…so much.

I hope that you all have an awesome rest of 2014 and a very safe and happy holiday season.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read, watch or comment on my crazy posts!

I see your clicks from all over the world and I appreciate every single one.  \@_@/

We’ll start this shit up again in 2015!!!




Hello Kitty is not a Kitty Contest – Closed!

First, I’d like to apologize to my Followers and Readers who were looking out for my HK Contest selca post.

It was absolutely INSANE at the HK Con. 0.0

I was totally overwhelmed (in a good way) and when I got back to my hotel each day, I was totally exhausted.

However, I was able to get some super kawaii HK stuff from the Con, so instead of just one item for a prize as I’d previously planned, I am giving a HK gift set of items. ^^

Revised Contest Rules:

  1. You must be a Follower of my Blog Spot or Word Press to participate. See Contest Guidelines here.
  2. I will ask one question via post tomorrow, 11/3/2014 at 12pm EST regarding my Hello Kitty post found here.
  3. The 1st Follower to comment with the correct answer on the post gets a Hello Kitty gift set I put together from the Con!!!
  4. This contest is open to all of my Followers. I will ship internationally with tracking, as long as the winner gives me a valid mailing address.
  5. Contest ends tomorrow, 11/3/2014 at 11:59pm EST.

Good luck!!! ^ _ ^

This week so far…

This week has been insane and it’s only Wednesday.

It started with me being totally bummed that I was missing BTS in Japan by one month.

But then a special delivery package came and cheered me right up.

Special delivery from me to me, of course.

My HARU HANA and BTS albums arrived!

My current Bangtan Boys Collection:

My BTS Collection

I have been non-stop BTSing since then.

Oh. Sorry. BTSing is an extremely high and possibly unsafe level of fan girling.

Then I heard about something equally as good.


O….M….G!!!! * _ *

Didn’t know I LOVE all things Hello Kitty? I even have a HK tattoo.

Check out My Obsessions – Hello Kitty blog.

Now….I’m thinking about going to the HK CON instead of the K CON.


The struggle is REAL. @ _ @