Isha2SK2015 @ SBS Drama My Love From The Star Special Exhibition

I’m back from my trip to South Korea!!!

My plan was to post from SK but we all know the best laid plans….

One of our many stops was the SBS Drama My Love From The Star Special Exhibition which is open until end of August this year.

It was….frickin’….amaze balls.

I was totally obsessed with Do Min Joon and Cheon Song I’s homes during the drama and being able to see everything in person was breath taking.

Everything was EXACTLY the same.

I was totally blown away.

They were also playing the entire MLFTS soundtrack on the over head ‘Bose-like’ quality sound system, that was totally giving me the chills as we walked around looking at all those beautiful scenes I’d only seen on the Viki app on my I Pad from all the way in the USA.

I have to say, if I had the gold coins to build and design a home from scratch, Cheon Song I’s entire home would definitely be my blue print, along with Do Min Joon’s garden area with the water moat. Droolz.

Visitors could not walk around in their homes, but the exhibit was set up so that you could walk in partially from all different angles to get great pictures.

Being able to walk in Do Min Joon’s door and shut it behind me was more that enough. LOL

When I saw their building elevator, I freaked the fak out and immediately jumped in and struck a crazy pose that had absolutely nothing to do with the drama whatsoever.

Well…you’ll see in the pics. Hehehe.

Absolutely no shame.

Enjoy!!! ^^

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Bad Guys…How ‘bad’ are they?

This post contains mild SPOILERS!

Bad Guys 

PlotTo combat rising violent crimes, the Police Chief asks Detective Oh Goo-Tak (Kim Sang-Joong) to form a team consisting of criminals. Detective Oh Goo-Tak is currently suspended from the police force for using excessive force. Detective Oh Goo-Tak gathers team members: Park Woong-Cheol (Ma Dong-Seok) who is a gangster, Lee Jung-Moon (Park Hae-Jin) who is the youngest serial killer with extraordinary intelligence and Jung Tae-Soo (Jo Dong-Hyeok) who is a contract killer. Also, Police Inspector Yoo Mi-Young (Gang Ye-Won) joins the team. She tries to have the guys work as a team by dealing with them rationally and sometimes emotionally.

Plot Credit:

I usually don’t write about a drama unless I really like a particular show. Especially if it is only a few episodes in.

I have to say that the male characters totally dominate this show.

Kim Sang-Joong: I saw him in  Golden Rainbow, where his character’s personality was not as’strong’ as this current one’s is. He could physically fight but when it came to saying “no” and putting his foot down towards his friends’ many wrong doings, he was a complete push over. IT DROVE ME INSANE for all 41 episodes or however many he appeared in. In Bad Guys however, tragedy has made him mentally as well as physically strong. He can teach a class on Manipulation 101 and the way he growls out everything he says is so bad ass. He keeps all of the ‘Team Members’ in check with extreme push and pull, which while knowing their individual criminal back grounds, is very interesting to watch.

Park Hae-Jin: I saw him in You who Came From The Stars and Dr Stranger. Honestly, his characters in both weren’t really my style. The SML (Second Male Lead) doesn’t suit him. However here, he is smexy in a absolutely terrifying way. Talk about less is more. His silence in this drama is worth so much more than him yelling out loud. His one eye covered fringe (hair style)  helps add to his allure. If someone can stare you down with one eye covered, then you’d better know your ass is in trouble. You can see the evil on his face. He tends to stick to moving in the shadows, which kind of makes you unconsciously want to double check where you are walking on the street at night irl (in real life).

Ma Dong-Seok: I don’t recall seeing him in a drama or movie but he does seem familiar to me. He gave off a ‘teddy bear’ feeling when his character was first introduced. Then I saw him maul a few people. I quickly changed that to just ‘bear’, scratch the ‘teddy’ part. His bark is definitely as bad as his bite. He is more brawn than brains but his character is still weirdly likable. Maybe it’s just me?

Jo Dong-Hyeok: I’ve seen him in Inspiring Generation. He was pretty good. I liked his fight scenes more than anything. However, in Bad Guys I absolutely his love his character. Especially when he gets mad! Ho ho ho!  You can see on his face the moment when he gets tired of all the long talking and/or when he hears/sees something he doesn’t like. You know the punishment is coming. What you don’t know is what he will do but when he does it…OMG. Not to mention that he is total eye candy. The combination suits him me him well.

Even though I know that all of the guys in this drama are bad to the bone, their character portrayal gives me a feeling similar to what could be called Stockholm Syndrome. I forget every single episode that even though they are helping the police, they are also fresh out of prison for doing really bad things.

*Sighs. Only four episodes so far and I am totally hooked.

If you like fight scenes, murder, mystery and bad guys turned good a teenie bit better, then I would definitely recommend Bad Guys. ^^

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6 more days until Japan!!!

Needless to say, I am hella excited! ^ _ ^

I am missing BTS – Bangtan Boys events in Osaka by a few days but I will still be able to enjoy the benefits of them being in Japan so much recently. Their merchandise and pictures will be EVERYWHERE. I’ll also be able to see them on tv programs. Yes….I will be BTSing in Tokyo.  – _ –  

Still don’t know what BTSing is? Click here for my Blog Spot K-ictionary post.

When I went to Japan last year, I was surprised at how many K Pop music videos and programs I saw. I was even watching K dramas. Even though there were no English subs, I considered it a luxury to be able to just put on the tv and see them instead of having to You Tube, Google search or use an app. Oh and all the Anime too. Seriously, I’ll need one day alone just to watch tv.

I am pretty much all finished packing. I am proud of myself for being able to make everything fit in just one suitcase and carry on. ~ _ ~ 

I will be posting pics/vids during my trip on the Travel tab on my main page. You can also follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

Here are a few pics from my trip last year. I only have these since the rest was video. Feel free to leave me a comment if you want me to post some video clips too.

View from my hotel – 1st night in Tokyo
I was just in time to see the Cherry Blossoms….and have an allergy attack. – _ –
Ticket for the Nozomi – Bullet Train to Osaka
Osaka – View from my hotel room

I can’t resist anymore…

I tried and I tried to keep him as far away from my Bias list as possible.

I felt like once I added him, he would take over and indeed it’s already started.

He’s jumping right in at #2.  -_-

On the other hand Kim Woo Bin gets another boost and moves up from #4 to #3.

Jung Ho Seok aka J Hope is still at #1….Of course.  ~_~

My Oppas So Ji Sub and Gong Yoo are going to have to make do with the #4 and #5 spots.

So who is my new #2 that is causing all this havoc to my Bias list???

He shares my zodiac sign (Leo), his charisma is off the charts and he’s sooooo dope in EVERYTHING he does.


It’s none other than Kwon Ji Yong aka G Dragon (GD).

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Domino’s Pizza….We need to talk!

So….I just found out that Domino’s Pizza has signed my #4 Bias and smexy Korean actor/model Kim Woo Bin as one of their newest brand models.

Ummmmm. Isn’t Domino’s a world wide company?

I ordered delivery from them last week!!! My flyer didn’t have Kim Woo Bin on it. – _ –

In all fairness Domino’s, a commercial here or there or even a couple of random flyers with WooB’s face in the US would be greatly appreciated.

Preferably in Boston, if you had to pick a location. ~ _ ~

For the Noonas who know Kim Woo Bin, it’ll be a huge treat. For the ones who don’t know who he is, we’ll take theirs too.

Plus, we’ll buy more pizza. It’s a win win situation either way!

What do you say Domino’s???  O _ o


K Drama Nicknames

While  watching my K Dramas on the Viki app, I like to have the viewer comments displayed on the screen. They are usually at the top, while the subs show up down below. It was a little distracting at first but now I’m so used to them that I’d rather have them on than off.

It makes me feel as if I have a kindred soul watching with me. I always giggle in delight when someone posts something that I was thinking to myself…..or screaming out loud. ^ _ ^

Another part of the viewers comments that I like are the cute nicknames that they give to certain characters during the series of K Drama episodes. Sometimes the writers of the dramas give the characters their own nicknames as well.

If it is a drama you’ve seen, can you tell who they are referring to just by the nickname?

Drama – Doctor Stranger, Nickname – Lollipop Ahjusshi

Drama – You’re All Surrounded, Nickname – Boots

Drama – Secret Love Affair, Nickname – Foxy

Drama – A Witch’s Romance, Nickname – Polar Bear

Drama – I Need Romance 3, Nickname – Sweet Potato

Drama – School 2013, Nickname – F5

What are some of your K Drama Nicknames?

K-ictionary….The new Dictionary!

Since becoming a fan of Korean dramas and music, a new version of the Dictionary has become available to me.

If it had an official name, it would probably be “K-ictionary –  The official dictionary to the South Korean entertainment industries’ female fans”.

It took me a while to accept these new vocabulary words as some of them already had other meanings based on the original English Dictionary.

Here of some examples of words that I knew before but now have new meanings to me based on the K-ictionary:

1. Ship

Dictionary – A large boat or sea sailing vessel

K-ictionary – To give a co-sign (thumbs up) to two people whom you feel would make a great couple. The couple DOES NOT have to be a guy with a girl.

Example: K pop female fans will ship two male members who are very close and display tons of skin ship with each other.

2. Skin ship

Dictionary – Ummmmm. These two words are in there but not together. Y’all know what skin is and #1 was ship.

K-ictionary – To display affection or close friendship by touching, kissing, cuddling, sitting on, laying on, dancing on, blowing air on, winking at, holding hands with another person. The people displaying skin ship DO NOT have to be opposite sexes.

Example: I don’t think I have to explain this, right? Moving on….


3. Bro-mance

Dictionary – Basically, this is a combination of two words, brother and romance.

K-ictionary – When two or more guys have a strong friendship and display lots of skin ship towards each other, to an outside observer, it appears as if they have romantic feelings for each other.

Example: Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk’s characters in School 2013 had an insanely intense Bro-mance that almost made all the female viewers burst into flames from all the Feels.

4. Feels

Dictionary – Your emotions. Usually termed as ‘feelings’.

K-ictionary – When someone (male or female) does something with or without meaning to, that effects you so strongly that in addition to making your feelings go haywire, it may also cause your brain to temporarily malfunction.

Example: “Oh my gawwwd…My feels!!!! J Hope, stop it!”

J Hope

I actually dedicated a blog to J Hope under My Obsessions > J Hope…Please stop, that is purely feels based. I wish I could delete it. But my Feels won’t let me.  ~_~

5. Puppy

Dictionary – A newborn to adolescent dog. Generally very playful and super cute in this age range thus making them very hard to resist.

K-ictionary – A cute Male Lead in a drama that has exhibited any of the following, but not limited to, the behaviors listed below:

1) Had his feelings hurt by a Female Lead and is crying

2) Loves someone who doesn’t love him back so he’s lonely

3) Loves someone who loves him back but for whatever reason they can’t be together so he’s sad

4) Is jealous of another Male Lead and shows it in a angry but cute pouty lip way

5) Falls over himself to do something to please the girl he likes

Examples (K drama fan comments): “Oh puppy, don’t cry! She’ll come back to you” or “Look at the puppy smiling because she complimented him!”

These are the main words that I feel a fan of k pop and k dramas will need at the Beginners level.

Be sure to look out for my next K-ictionary post for the Intermediate fans! ^_^