#BTS #Wings has me #SHOOK

BTS has released UNLEASHED their 2nd full length album #Wings onto planet Earth.

WE.WERE.NOT.READY. Anyone who says their feelz were ready for this album is lyin’ their ass off.

Big Hit was trying to mentally torture prepare us with those seven short films but still…NOTHING can compare to the TOTAL and COMPLETE SLAYAGE that is STILL currently taking place.

What slayage am I referring to? Seriously?!..

ALL KILL#1 on S.Korea real time Music Charts – Melon, Genie, Mnet, Naver Music, Olleh Music, Soribada, Monkey3 & Bugs when “Wings” was released at 12am KST

“Blood, Sweat & Tears” MV has reached over 3 million views in under 12 hours


# of views shown above are as of 11:36pm EST

# of views as of 11:59pm EST – 3,978,899

# of views as of 12:28am EST –  4,112,454  \@_@/  


“Wings” Sweeps Worldwide iTunes Charts (#1 Album) – Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Laos, Latvia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United States and Vietnam.

I’m just waiting now to see where they land on the BillBoard World and Hot 200 charts. Because they have before and will again. Trust. Yaaasssssss.

Okay so, let’s talk about BTS’ Blood, Sweat & Tears MV for a minute cause as a fandom this MV needs to be addressed. It’s almost like Big Hit saw A.R.M.Y.s (including myself) calling BTS “Kings” and “Legends” all over social media and were like “Hmmm…Okay. Let’s roll with that concept.”

The set was beautiful, their wardrobe was hot as fuk (those low cut shirts…ho ma gawd) and the choreo?! Listennnn.

Dear BTS ~

Jung Hoseok…You are so so so rUdE. You snatched my soul out my body AT LEAST 5 times during the MV.  Why? Why do you do these things to me us?!

Kookie, who da fuk keeps giving you lollipops??! Keep your finger out of your mouth Mister!! And where did you find that bed?!

Park Jimin, please keep your jacket everything on. PLEASE.

Rap Monster, please stop putting your fingers by your mouth, near your mouth, next to your mouth… Chocolate what?? bYe

Jin and that K drama kiss with the statue…That was….

Suga with that black hair…you KNEW the pain it would cause. Aren’t you tired of A.R.M.Y.s saying they are going to sue you for hurting them??

Tae Tae, listen. Keep your tongue…N O






I just want to LIVE. Seriously BTS. Have mercy on your Noona.

*Sighs deeply

As you all know, I am a KTOWN4U girl, so I purchased their BTS Comeback Special Package during the pre-order period. The package is still available but it no longer comes with the free Hip Hop Monster lotion offered during the pre-order.

I am not adding any “Wings” pictures to this post. Sorry my loves! I have work in a few hours. ~_~ 

All of BTS’ concept photos and MVs can be found on Big Hit’s official site here. 


We Got Married – Song Jae Rim & Kim So Eun – Updated 11/21

Please Note – This post contains WGM spoilers!!!

Episode 1 Full – English Sub – Click here (Credit: WGM Subs)

Episode 2 Full – English Sub – Click here (Credit: We Got Married)

Episode 3 Full – English Sub – Click here (Credit: We Got Married)

Episode 4 – English Sub – Part 1 & Part 2 (Credit: English Subtitle WGM)

Episode 5 Full – English Sub – Click here (Credit: EunRim Couple English Sub)

Episode 6 Full – English Sub – Click here (Credit: EunRim Couple English Sub)

Episode 7 Full – English Sub – Click here (Credit: EunRim Couple English Sub)

Episode 8 Full – English Sub – Click here (Credit: EunRim Couple English Sub)

Let’s start this off by discussing the show We Got Married.

Honestly, I was not a fan. The concept just never really interested me. Today however, I managed to take a peek at it because a few of the dramas I was watching wrapped up this weekend and I was bored. My friend told me “Song Jae Rim is in this series. You have to watch it!”. Since Jae Rim has been on my ‘radar’ for a while now, I thought “Meh, why not?”



Kim So Eun, bless her soul. She apparently wasn’t ready either. As I watched the first four episodes, I really felt for her. Her inexperience in the situations that were repeatedly presented clearly showed. What situations you ask? Oh ho ho! I’d be more than happy to answer.

Jae Rim is…..he is a Professional. I just can’t think of any other way to sum it up. He KNOWS what he is doing and he does it extremely WELL.

Personal space – There is none. Jae Rim eradicated that within minutes of them meeting. Every time they are together, he is all up in So Eun’s face and doesn’t give her a minute to get him out. By the end of episode four, I don’t think she even notices it or the ‘lack of’ anymore.

Greasiness – There’s lots of grease. TONS. Jae Rim’s slick lines are sudden and 100% effective. So Eun’s, the MC’s and my reactions were all the same. Horrified and COMPLETELY mesmerized. Jae Rim is a smooth talker. To top it off, after every shocking thing he says, he smiles like a Cheshire cat. The ‘wink from no where’ in episode three almost made me fall out of my bed. He hasn’t shown an ‘innocent face’. Not once.

Body Language – I don’t know if So Eun hasn’t noticed this but Jae Rim positively oozes sexiness out his pores. The way he sits, leans, lays down etc are all VERY suggestive. He moves and positions himself with intent. No, no, no. It’s not just me fan girling. I confirmed and got a co-sign from my friend on this one. In episode three, they are watching a movie? on the laptop and he gets off the floor and lays on dam near the edge of the couch. Something funny happens on screen and he leans ALL the way over So Eun while he was laughing. INTENT.

TMI (Too Much Information) – Jae Rim is showering So Eun AND the viewers with way too much personal information. Like what spicy foods do to his ‘exit’ and when he doesn’t wear underwear. Speaking of, his letting her open his under garment bag while they were unpacking, as in just a few hours after they met, should have been an immediate red flag. So Eun did not know the contents of the bag. Neither did we. When she asked, Jae Rim’s casual response was “Open it”. She did. This man is not to be handled lightly.

Skinship – OMG. Another bridge he crossed within minutes of them meeting and then burned it down behind him. He is either directly touching (hands) or making sure he is close enough to indirectly touch (no hands, but some other body part). So Eun does comment about this but what can she do? She doesn’t hate it and looking at Jae Rim’s fine self, I wouldn’t either.


I have to say, as someone who is not big on wishy washy guys, I am thoroughly enjoying these two with their ‘cat and mouse’ theme.  Jae Rim and his non filtered shamelessness, has sweet but spicy So Eun going at his pace, whether she wants to or not. His push and pull is very interesting to watch. I look forward to seeing how this plays out in the coming episodes.

On a side note, my friend also pointed out to me that Jae Rim’s birthday is February 18th, the same as my main Bias, Jung Hoseok aka J Hope from BTS. Hoseok is also ‘guilty’ of every single one of those categories I mentioned above for Jae Rim.


Until next time! ^^

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J Hope KNOWS what he is doing…

Hoseok’s previous percentages:

50% – dancing

50% – aegyo

Hoseok’s current percentages:

20% – body part(s) exposure

30%JiHope (Jimin x J Hope)

30% – facial expressions (incl. aegyo)

20% – dancing










I’m your Noona – 나는 당신의 누나 – Bias List

The younger guys on my Bias List were ‘beating up’ the older guys ~ _ ~ and in all fairness to both groups, I decided to create 2 different lists with a maximum of 5 guys on each list.

The names of my new Bias Lists are “I’m your Noona” and “You’re my Oppa“.

The “You’re my Oppa” list will be released later. Kekeke

I had to REALLY think long and hard about who I wanted added to this list, why I was adding them and if I really thought they could beat out ALL of the others. However, truthfully speaking, only the first 3 spots are held in stone.

My lists are based on ranking 1 being “I HAVE TO see his face every day so I check all my social media to see his latest info/pics” and 5 being “I like seeing him in shows etc. but I don’t look for his latest news on the web”.

I will list their real names (Wiki), stage names (if any) and where I first saw them.

Here we go!!!

I’m your Noona – 나는 당신의 누나 – BIAS LIST

1. Jung Ho Seok aka J Hope (BTS)

2. Kwon Ji Yong aka G Dragon (Big Bang – Tonight)

3.  Jung Il Woo (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop)

4. Park Min Woo (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop)

5. Lee Min Ki (Shut Up Flower Boy Band)