#KConNY2016 – BTS Cypher 3 – Jeon JungKook PLEASE!!!

Isha’s Disclaimers – PLEASE READ BEFORE WATCHING!!! @_@

  1. This video clip is not one of those super precise SK official BTS fan cams with Hi Def  Blu-Ray quality.
  2. There is a lot of external screaming, shaky hands, fingers blocking and “oh my gawds”.
  3. This was my first BTS Cypher live. I did not know they were doing Cypher pt 3. I lost my damn mind…
  4. Even though I do have the entire video of BTS performing Cypher pt 3, I specifically picked Jimin and Kookie’s clips because I wanted to show proof that they were in KCon NY coming for people’s lives and snatching souls.
  5. PLEASE TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME!!! There were a lot of Kookie stans near me and he REFUSED to move from our section near the stage. He would leave for like 10 seconds and then come right da fuk back like “I’m HEREEEEE!!!”. I try not to mess with Mr. J Kookie too much cause he is the youngest….but omg…he was just…pushing buttonssss.

*Please DO NOT copy and/or re-upload my videos!