BTS x Golden Disk Awards – 2015

Congrats BTS on winning Album Bonsang !!!

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In too deep…The struggles of a fandom girl

I’ve always been a very musically influenced person. Music motivates me and also has a strong link to my emotions. SUPER strong. For me, a song can go from “Mehhh” to “OMG, that’s my jam!”, if it’s catchy and even more so if it has also dope MV. I also like to ‘cross the border’ and listen to songs in different languages from other countries. For those, even if I only have a rough translation of the lyrics, it goes back to the foundation. The music, the beats, the tempo and the voice of the artist(s).

To my current knowledge, only one of my friends is into k pop. I  just recently found that out around March. So basically, when I first started listening to k pop, there was no one to warn me of the implications. I know how silly that may sound but really, once you start to bias one particular k pop group, that’s it. Even worse if you also bias one of the members of your bias group. If this applies to you, you might as well stop reading this right now, get a suitcase, book a flight and move to South Korea because that is the only way to BARELY survive being in a fandom. I say barely because I’m sure the fandom struggles over there are like mine TIMES one million. I think about packing up and moving there at least three times a month. Twice a month because I really do want to live in either Japan or South Korea. Once a month because BTS nearly drives me to the edge of my sanity by doing something that they DO.

When my friend first introduced me to BTS aka Bangtan Boys, my first reaction was “They’re too young!” Now, when I look back, I laugh at myself. I’ve come a LONG way in a VERY short time.

BTS is my complete package. Their looks are killer. Every.Single.One.Of.Them. With or without performance/photo shoot make up. They can sing, dance, rap, model, make me laugh and make me cry. Everything. I knew my ass was REALLY in trouble when I started to bias one of the members. Now, my life is pretty much over. Seriously. I wish I was making this stuff up.

I’ve never invested so much time, money or emotion into a group before and it’s only getting worse as time goes on. Everything they do, I want to see. Everything they sell, I want to buy. Every song they release, I want to hear. Even their pre-debut music, which BTS has a lot of and the quality is as high as their debut albums.

I have three active blogs that I currently manage, as some of you may know. My Daum is more of a stop over blog, so that I’ll get a wider audience range. It is a struggle, especially over the last three to four months, to keep their content balanced. When I started them, it was easier. Now, BTS is slowly taking over. HOWEVER, I will continue to try to keep them in check for the sake of my readers. I promise! ^^

I am currently on the second to last step on my fandom girl struggles, making friends with other members of the BTS fandom online.

The last step will be when I go to Korea in a few months and can actually attend a BTS fan sign and/or performance.  OMG. I get the shivers just thinking about it.

I am definitely in too deep.

The fandom girl struggle is REAL.

Someone, please send help…

While you are waiting for me to upload pics of the men in the white coats taking me away, check out my BTSing post. ~ _ ~


J Hope KNOWS what he is doing…

Hoseok’s previous percentages:

50% – dancing

50% – aegyo

Hoseok’s current percentages:

20% – body part(s) exposure

30%JiHope (Jimin x J Hope)

30% – facial expressions (incl. aegyo)

20% – dancing










What are the real ‘Oppa’ rules?

My friend and I were chatting today about my Bias list (currently only has 5 guys) and the possibility of my having to change it into two separate lists:

  1. I’m your Noona Bias List

  2. You’re my Oppa Bias List

Which brought back up the Oppa question.

Not that I plan on running around Korea and calling every guy older than me Oppa but since it is fully integrated into Korean culture, it is something that I am curious about.

I got the older brother, older male friend and boyfriend part. It’s the age part that kills me every time. With the US age and the Korean age not being the same, if you want to address someone as your Oppa, which age is the correct age to follow?

For example: If a guy was born in Korea in November 1977, he would be 36 in the US but 38 in Korea. He would turn 39 in Korea, not in November but in January.

So for a woman born in the US in November 1977, can she call him Oppa?

Based on US age he is not her Oppa but in Korean age he is.

*Please note that I was not born in November 1977 and am not using my age as this example. Kekekeke  ~ _ ~

Domino’s Pizza….We need to talk!

So….I just found out that Domino’s Pizza has signed my #4 Bias and smexy Korean actor/model Kim Woo Bin as one of their newest brand models.

Ummmmm. Isn’t Domino’s a world wide company?

I ordered delivery from them last week!!! My flyer didn’t have Kim Woo Bin on it. – _ –

In all fairness Domino’s, a commercial here or there or even a couple of random flyers with WooB’s face in the US would be greatly appreciated.

Preferably in Boston, if you had to pick a location. ~ _ ~

For the Noonas who know Kim Woo Bin, it’ll be a huge treat. For the ones who don’t know who he is, we’ll take theirs too.

Plus, we’ll buy more pizza. It’s a win win situation either way!

What do you say Domino’s???  O _ o


Finally!!! Friend 2 – The Great Legacy

I have to say, finding Friend 2 was like looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.You can clearly see the rainbow but where the hell is the pot?!  – _ –

I would gladly buy the DVD so that I can replay Kim Woo Bin growling in a sexy Busan accent for almost two hours over and over again but alas the version for sale is only able to be viewed by DVD players in Region 3 – Asia.

Note to self: Self! Please buy a damn DVD player when you go to Japan next month!!!

Anyhue. I was finally able to find it on Daily Motion with Spanish subs. I can understand very basic Spanish so I was okay with that, as long as I could see the movie. It was in 10 minute increments, which would’ve pissed me off for another movie but since I’ve been looking for it for months, I was okay with that too. When I got about 30 minutes in, I found parts 3 and 4, which were English subbed AND half hour or so each. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

So, on to the movie. It was a little confusing here and there, especially with the flash backs that weren’t in the first movie. Whenever my eyebrows started to crease downwards when I got lost, Woo Woo would show up on-screen to spring them right back up into place.

He is…Kim Woo Bin is…..EVERYTHING. Seeing him act as a bad boy, not a Heirs bad boy but a GANGSTER bad boy was a huge treat for me.

My favorite scenes were when he goes to the hospital to ‘visit’ Eun-ki and when he confronted Lee Jeong-suk about his father’s death. Actually, every part of the movie with Woo Woo in it was my favorite, but that’s the fan girl coming out and I am trying REALLY hard not to go down that road at 2:37 am.

I feel like I did when I saw Woo Woo in Heirs. He totally owned his role and in doing so, stole the spot light from the more senior actors. All in all, I am happy that I found it. I would still like to own a copy. Film companies in Korea need to realize that the Noona population in America that likes Korean actors is very large. They should make these movies available world-wide so that we can buy and enjoy them, just like the Noonas in Asia.

I noticed and have also heard that Woo Woo is REALLY popular with Noonas and Ahjummas in Korea.

Bringing their babies to his fan meets dressed like dinosaurs….  ~ _ ~


Korean Drama Mathematics – Lesson 3

Fact: South Korea has some of the most attractive male actors and musical artists


Music – BTS aka Bangtan Boys

*For visual verification, please see BTS – Bangtan Boys tab & More BTS pics sub-tab

Drama – Inspiring Generations

*For visual verification, please see My Obsessions tab > Korean actors & My Top 5 Biases sub-tab

Relevant Equation:


*For this particular “Lesson”, there are too many equations to list all of the possibilities.


FGIT = Flower Grandpa Investigative Team, IG = Inspiring Generations, FBRS = Flower Boy Raymun Shop, MTF = Me Too Flower, IRMC = I Rest My Case


I have not seen as many attractive guys as in the South Korean entertainment industry. 99.99% of the movies, dramas and music videos/programs that I have watched so far have at least 2 cute guys each.

Inspiring Generations was THE kicker. It’s like South Korea was bragging about how many hot guys they have so they decided to put as many of them as they could in one drama.

Yes, South Korea. We ALL know that you have magical water that makes 2 out of 3 babies born there look like super models by the time they are in middle school. I mean, it’s gotta be the water right???

Of course, this is all based on my personal opinion but then again, I am not ashamed to say I am extremely biased. ^_^