Terra Formars – テラフォーマーズ

This post contains spoilers!!!

As promised, continuing on with my anime reviews, the next one up is Terra Formars.



Terra Formars is a Japanese manga series written by Yū Sasuga and illustrated by Kenichi Tachibana.

Wikipedia Plot:
In an attempt to colonize Mars, 21st century scientists tasked with terraforming the planet seed it with a modified algae to absorb sunlight and purify the atmosphere, and cockroaches whose corpses spread the algae across the planet as they feed.

Five hundred years later, the first manned ship to Mars lands and its six crew members are attacked by giant mutated humanoid cockroaches with incredible physical strength, later labeled “Terraformars”; the crew is wiped out after sending a warning back to Earth. Decades later, a multinational expedition is sent to exterminate the mutated bugs and take control of the red planet only to be vanquished as well, except for two survivors who manage to return to Earth, one swearing to return and avenge their fallen companions. As a third expedition is assembled, questions are raised about the true origin of the Terraformars and their connection with a deadly virus afflicting mankind.

To fight the Terraformars’ strength and agility, members of the second and third expedition undergo genetic modification to inherit the characteristics of other organisms, only possible after having a special organ implanted with a 36% chance of surviving the surgery itself.

My Review:

I finished watching the Terra Formars series last month. I had actually started watching it then stopped and picked it back up again. It was a little slow to catch my attention but by the time the crew got to Mars’ orbit, sh*t got REAL and I was hooked.

Can I just say, the level of intelligence exhibited by the Terraformars was insane.

It is one thing to go some place where you know that the enemy you have to fight is strong. It’s quite another to find out they are not only strong but smart as fuk AND have been tipped off that you are coming.

The fact that the Terraformars were not only tipped off but were also given all of the expedition crews’ battle tactics, was not revealed until later on in the series.

So basically, for the first few episodes after they got to Mars each time the expedition crew had a run in with the Terraformas  and had to fight them, they got their butts whooped.

The fight scenes were awesome though and since each side has suped up abilities, it really added that X factor. I like that they explained what each of the Captains abilities were and from which Earth animal it was derived from.

The animation was visually appealing to me and very detailed as well. The story line was a little dry in the beginning but once the fighting started I didn’t care. I also liked the OST.

The series ends with the crew on Mars but seriously worn down and still fighting the Terraformars after sending out a rescue message to Earth for them to be picked up since their ship was destroyed. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the politicians and Army were still going back and forth on whether they were going to send a rescue team to Mars.

Typical government foolishness.

I am hoping that there is a Season 2. I mean, they can’t just leave them there, right???

This is definitely one of those anime where it’s so good that I would read the Manga. Especially if it looks like the anime is not being continued.

If anyone knows of an OVA or any other spin off related to this anime, please let me know.

Isha’s Anime Rating – A

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Psycho Pass – サイコパス 1 & 2

This post contains SPOILERS!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone! \ @ _ @ /

Let’s do this…First post of 2015!!

Over the past two weeks, I have been catching up on my Japanese Anime.The story lines, characters and quality of Anime still manages to amaze me, even after all these years of being a fan. This Anime caught my eye recently and then proceeded to blow me the fuk away.

ps 1

サイコパス – Psycho Pass 1 & 2


Gen Urobuchi is a Japanese writer for visual novels, light novels, and anime. He is known for his dark style, nihilistic themes, and tragic plot twists, earning him the fan nickname “Urobutcher.”

Wikipedia Summary: 

Psycho-Pass is set in 2113. The Sibyl System is actively measuring the populace’s mental states, personalities, and the probability that individuals will commit crimes, using a “cymatic scan” of the brain. The resulting assessment is called a Psycho-Pass (サイコパス Sa-i-ko-pa-su). When the probability of a person engaging in crimes measured by the Crime Coefficient index exceeds a certain level in an individual, he or she is pursued, apprehended, and killed if necessary.

My Review:

I’ve been meaning to watch サイコパス for a while. I had too many K dramas that I was watching and when I saw it had two parts, I felt like it was too much to try to fit in. Since the amount of K dramas I’m currently watching has decreased for now, I started watching and was able to finish. Part 1 and 2. Once I started, I was totally obsessed. Typical me.

The story line is pretty good. I don’t mind a futuristic theme, as long as it’s not so ridiculously over the top that it seems unbelievable. There is a nice balance in サイコパス. I don’t think I could handle actually living in the kind of setting that is portrayed in this Anime though. Having a main frame computer system pass judgement on whether I’m a criminal or not with one body scan and then say if I should be killed on the spot? My stress level would probably send my Psycho-Pass well over 300+ and anything over 299 is instant death. So…..Yeah.

The way the ‘criminals’ are killed is absolutely horrifying. Bubbling up as if boiling internally then exploding into a bloody pile of goo. Yessss! Japanese Anime at it’s finest. NOT for the squeamish. I’ll say that right now. There is also a stun mode for ‘criminals’ whose Psycho-Pass are read under 299. Depending on where it hits you, you can be passed out for up to three days with possible paralysis during that time. Not bad, right?

One of the Enforcers in part 1, Shinya Kogami, is hot as hell. Seriously. Anime has the ability to make you totally fall for the guys/girls in the series. Or is that just me??? – _ – Hmmm. Any-hue. His cigarette smoking, sexy staring and gun blazing was SMT (So My Type)! I was bummed he wasn’t in part 2 but that story line was also interesting. Each episode of サイコパス is a continuation of the previous episode. You don’t have to watch Part 1 first, but I would highly recommend it.

I also LOVED their guns, the “Dominators”, that automatically level up in badass-ness, depending on your scan level. The way the gun would calmly announce in a friendly female voice that they are about to turn you into human soup was madness.

I’ve probably said this before but I would LOVE to sit down with the writer of an Anime, in this case Gen Urobuchi-sensei and be like, “HOW??? How did you think of all this?”

Isha’s Anime Rating –

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