As Seen On BTS

Welcome to my As Seen On BTS page!
On this page I will show clothing etc that I first saw worn by BTS, that I have purchased.
For each item, I will list:
  1. Name of the item(s) with direct link to purchase
  2. Which BTS member(s) it was seen on & where (if known)
  3. Item status – As of the date item was added, In Stock or Sold Out
  4. Color(s) available
  5. Seller Rating – 1 is Lowest, 5 is Highest (with my purchase feedback)
  6. Pictures of item(s)

*I will add “Update” to the header when new items are posted. ^-^

T Shirts:

Red Bullet : T shirt

       *BTS (all members) – Red Bullet Concert

       *BTS Official Shop web site

       *2/04/2015 – In Stock

       *Black w/white – One Size

       *5 – BTS Official Shop does not play around. Super fast but expensive. They have recently raised their EMS fees so I will only be purchasing items from them if I can’t find it on Yes Asia or KTown4U.

Credit: BTS Official Shop


Supreme Plaid Pullover

     *J Hope – Fan Snap

    *Supreme NYC official website

   *11/29/2014 – In Stock

   *Black/White & Navy

   *5 – Super fast shipping from NY



Credit: First Crush


Womens Limited Long Zip Up Jumper Cute Lovely Style

    *Rap Monster – BTS – Just One Day MV

    *Qnigirls – Official E Bay store

   *11/18/2014 – In Stock

   *Black, Charcoal & Khaki

   *5 – Great communication with seller & fast shipping

     *BTS (all members) – Red Bullet Concert (Seoul, SK)
     *11/18/2014 – In Stock
     *5 – Great prices & good range of BTS merchandise
 Credit: SEE_sun 95

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