Nickname: Isha

Why is my blog called IshaBGood?: I am trying my best to be…kinda  @_@

Age: I still get carded when I purchase liquoir even though I am of age to drink. We’ll leave it at that. Lol! O _ o

Nationality: Born in Trinidad, raised in Boston

Hobbies: Travel, Korean Dramas/Movies  (wait…is that considered a hobby? ~ _ ~), Japanese Anime, Shopping

Favorite K Pop Group – Male: BTS aka Bangtan Boys

Favorite K Pop Group – Female: Sadly none at the moment, thought EXID is on my radar

Biases – Those 7 lil’ devils BTS have officially taken over my entire Bias List

Favorite Music Genre: Currently K Pop but I listen to pretty much everything

Places I’ve been to: South Korea, Los Angeles, South Beach Miami, London, Scotland, Wales, Trinidad & Tobago, New York, Japan, LA

Places I want to go to: Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Malaysia

People I’d like to meet: I met BTS in person at Highlight in Toronto. My life is complete. Seriously…

If you think of anything else you’d like to know, drop me a comment. ^_^



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