#BTS #Suga releases his mixed tape #AgustD!!!


Agust D


When the Intro starts and says “Are you ready??”

No. No SIR, I was not ready to be slayed while I was at work trying to be a productive employee.

I started to watch the Agust D MV at my desk but after .5 seconds, I ended up having to leave my desk.

So off I went with my cell phone and head phones in hand to finish watching the MV OUTSIDE the building where it was safe and no one could hear my muffled internal screaming.

The MV was LIT. I watched it 3 times at FULL volume.

My soul is now on a non-stop flight to SK.

Then I had to make the feeble attempt to drag my lifeless body back to my desk.

Suga chose the perfect song to end us all before we even had a chance to listen to the rest of his mix tape. Agust D is the shiiiiitttttt. I fkin loooove ittttt.

You can download Suga’s mix tape for FREE at all of the links below:


Google Drive

Media Fire

You can also stream it for free on Sound Cloud.

01. Intro – SugA (Feat. DJ Friz)
02. Agust D
03. Give it to me
04. Skit
05. 치리사일사팔 (724148)
06. 140503 새벽에 (140503 at dawn)
07. 마지막 (The Last)
08. Tony Montana (Feat. Yankie)
09. Interlude ; Dream, Reality
10. So far away (Feat. 수란 (SURAN))

My favorite tracks so far are Agust D, Tony Montana and Give It To Me.

Suga came for my life. He came for ALL of our lives.

Damn, his mix tape is 100% FIRE.

Good job Suga!!! A.R.M.Y.s are so proud of you Baby.

We’re getting 2 more MVs right???? Hehehe




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