BTS is back!!!

With BTS officially making their comeback, A.R.M.Y.s are once again on the move to the “voting battle field”.

Will we be able to help BTS to surpass I Need U’s 6 wins? (5 Music Show Awards, 1 Melon Award – Best Dance)

Hellz yeah we will!!! Let’s Run Run Run with BTS to # 1 A.R.M.Y.s!!!

You can start by watching the official Run MV below. Please only watch the MV on Big Hit’s Official You Tube page!

The Run MV has been up for less than two days and it is already at 1,648,925 views as of today 12.2.2015!!!

Good job A.R.M.Y.s!!! The Run MV hit the 1 million mark within the first 24 hours of it being posted!!!

Our work is not done yet. It is just starting.

  1. Voting for MBC Show Champion has started!!!
    • If you don’t already have one, please create an MBC Show Champion account. You can follow the tutorial HERE. Once your account is created, you can vote for BTS 3 times per day per account! Please follow the instructions carefully. I created my MBC account last year to vote for BTS so it was easy to just log back in and start voting again.
    • Continue watching the MV to increase View Points. Share it on your other SNS accounts!
    • Stream Run on the Melon app if you bought a pass!! It counts for 50% of the total score. You just need to stream Run on Melon once every hour.
    • If you bought a physical album that accounts for 20% of the total score.
    • BTS is currently # 5. They need to be in the TOP 3.
  2. Voting for the International K-Music Awards has also opened!
    • BTS has been nominated for Best Male Group and Best Album (HYYH pt. 1).
    • Vote here!
    • It is superrrr easy with no log in required!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On a side note, let’s PLEASE talk about BTS’s new “mini” album. Where is the mini??? Wherrrreeee? Omg.

HYYH pt.2 is PURE 100% HOTNESS on ALL levels.

I CANNOT EVEN DEAL with the musical genius that is BTS x Big Hit. Seriously.

Big Hit is making their OWN BTS movie. A few more 7 minute MVs, call up Lumpens to work their cinematic MAGIC and master mix them all together…Yassssss! Big Hit, I am so onto you.  @ _ @  Bang PD nimmm!

My top 3 songs on HYYH pt.2 are:

  1. 뱁새  (screams)  This song??? OMFG. I.WAS.NOT.READY. It took me dam near two days to figure out that was Tae Tae on the hook. He slayed it, brought it back to life then killed it AGAIN. They ALL did. It was almost like…dare I say it??? *whispers…Cypher Part 4….
  2. House of Cards  (still screaming) When I heard this song on the Prologue MV, I knew I was in trouble. I KNEW. The full version? DEAD.
  3. Butterfly (screams turn into intense sobbing) AS SOON AS THIS SONG COMES ON my eyes fill with tears. It is ridiculous the emotional intensity that it invokes in me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I listen to it.

Talking about these songs has my heart racing. I’m not even kidding. I’m also listening to them so that’s probably why too. Hehehe.

I feel like BTS is going to single handled take over the k pop scene. Right now, there is still some resistance (rolls eyes dramatically) but to me and I’m sure to most A.R.M.Y.s, BTS is UNDENIABLE.

After seeing BTS’s Official Instagram shut down from overload and then spring back to life with 200K+ followers in like 3 hours???

It is not a game.

Let’s RUN.


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