In too deep…The struggles of a fandom girl – Part 2

Never in a million years did I think that I would have to do a Part 2 to ‘Struggles of a fandom girl’.

Then again, I did not think. Maybe that was my first mistake.

Since that post I have:

  • Officially become a member of the BTS A.R.M.Y. (Leveled up in BTS Fan Cafe & received 2nd A.R.M.Y membership package)
  • Thrown all of my previous bias lists into the virtual recycle bin – BTS now has EXCLUSIVE management rights to Isha B Good’s newly created BTS Bias list. I’m sorry Kim Woo Bin. *Sighs.
  • Followed almost every major J Hope and at least three each of the other members’ official fan sites on Twitter
  • Downloaded the V App. For A.R.M.Y.s that have not downloaded the V App yet, you are MISSING OUT. BTS’s antics is at 100000%. V App Download links: Android and iPhone.
  • Met BTS in person @ Highlight in Toronto. My soul is still wandering around Downtown Toronto.

To all the K pop fans out there that stan BTS AND other groups, I don’t know how you do it?!?!

It is a every day struggle for me.

BTS demands every-single-minute of my attention. They come for my life AT LEAST once a week.

My cell phone is forever going off with notifications titled “BTS…..”.

Tumblr has bumped Twitter to #2 and claimed a #1 spot as my BTS back up for when there are no new updates from BTS themselves but I’m in need of a BTS fix.

The Tumblees NEVER disappoint. I now go see the Tweeties only after I have seen all of the new Tumblr posts. The BTS GIFS on Tumblr are EXQUISITE.

There are also a lot of top quality BTS fan art work sites on Tumblr.

So…BTS’s come back is within days, hours maybe considering that Big Hit are THE biggest trolls ever and love hitting A.R.M.Y.s with a one-two BTS punch.


Please send help….


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