BTS Highlight Tour Toronto – Updated 10.19.15

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Finally, right?!?! I know, I know. Bad Isha!

So…by now every A.R.M.Y. on planet Earth has already heard of the fiasco that was the Highlight Tour, brought to A.R.M.Y.s in the USA by TGM Events.

TGM Events, who as of the last time I checked, have gotten thoroughly DRAGGED by every major A.R.M.Y. fan site, K Pop media site and everyone else in between for their lack of….E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-A-N-G.

I have just finished my PayPal battle with TGM Events and am happy to report that I have received my money back for:

  • Highlight Tour tote bags ($8 each – I ordered two so $16). They never sent them to me then ignored my emails to cancel my order.
  • Photo Pass ($50) In the one group photo that was posted to Face Book, I was blocked out of the picture by another fan. Good job photographer.

To A.R.M.Y.s that are still struggling with their TGM refund battles, DO NOT GIVE UP! If in doubt, call PayPal directly. Trust me, they know all about the TGM situation and will try to help you out as best as they can. If you do call PayPal after your dispute is opened, have all of your information ready and be as accurate as possible when relaying the exact reasons why you should get a refund.

Highlight Tour Toronto Recap:

The Line – It was already long at 10:20am when I arrived. Bees were flying every where. They were not playing around. A.R.M.Ys however, were absolute SWEETHEARTS. Fan gifts and cookies were passed out, awesomely cute conversations, dancing, singing BTS songs and watching BTS MVs on cell phones. They kept me SANE. After hourssssss of waiting, VIP and the other passes were separated from General admission, given their wrist bands then more waiting.

BTS arrival @ Pheonix – Leader tweeted from the airport when they landed. A.R.M.Y.s went crazy. About an hour later, I saw a Manager? come out of Pheonix talking on his cell and then he crossed the street and stood looking at the wall of A.R.M.Y.s. Then a white bus appeared up the street. The screams started. It was like a scream tsunami. By the time the bus got to where I was, I already knew BTS was on it. The scream tsunami was so freakin’ fast, I didn’t have a chance to react and whip out my cell phone, much less unlock it. I saw Jin first. He looked absolutely baffled at the crowd size. Then right before my eyes was my bias Jung Hoseok aka J Hope with HIS cell phone out, in the window of the bus FILMING the scream tsunami. I LOST MY SH*T. Instant mental break down.

Autograph Session – What?! We have to do that FIRST?!?! I was horrified. It was all happening too quickly. After the boys got there, everything went from 0 to 100 real fast and I.WAS.NOT.READY. So we line up for Autograph. I am hopping all over the place trying to see the line up. The boys look so dam perfect and gorgeous. I STILL could not believe they were actually in the same room as me. More hopping from side to side. Whoooo is first??? OMGAWDDDDD. J Hope!!!! I almost ran out of the room. The line was on FAST AF mode and suddenly there he was…staring up at me with glasses Manager nim (sorry, I don’t know his name by heart) sitting next to him.

J Hope: (smiles) Hi! Thank you for coming.

Me: Hi my Hope.

That’s it. My soul ran off when I saw the line up.

Jimin: Hi!

M: Hi Jiminieee.

Kookie: *Very busy signing

Me: Waits patiently until he looks up

Kookie: *Looks up

M: Hi Kookie!

Kookie: Hi!

Suga: *Also busy signing

M: Hi Suga

Suga: *Finishes signing and looks up

…but I already said hi so…my mind went fukn BLANK. I meant to tell him I loved Tomorrow and Let Me Know but….


Finally he said hello and I said hi again, then he released me with a thank you. OMG. I though my soul left my body but it came back and left AGAIN.

Leader: Hi. Thank you for coming. *Looks up with that smile…

M: Rap Mon, your mix tape was…

*I briefly closed my eyes and tried the find the words to express how TURNT it had me when I heard it. When I opened them, RM had his arms wide open as if inviting me to do something like worship him maybe..I dunno but anything I could think of would get me escorted out by Security. I wanted to pinch every single mole on his neck. SMH. I felt that he needed to hear that though.

Leader: Thank you.

Me: You’re welcome.

Jin: Hello. Thank you.

M: Hi Jin.

V: Hello.

M: Tae tae…Hold Me Tight. I loved it.

V: Thank you.

BTS Performance 

Can I just say…to all the K fans, how lucky you all are to be able to see BTS perform more than once a year?! OMG, the crowd was LIT. BTS was perfection. Their (V, Jimin & J Hope)  R&D (rude & disrespectful) levels were set on SUPER HIGH. It got to the point where I didn’t even know where to look. Watching a video, I could rewind to watch all the members but live was just…my feels were DESTROYED. I lost count after the fifth or sixth time J Hope stuck his tongue full out his mouth. And Park Jimin….I don’t know how his stans are still alive and breathing. BTS was EXCELLENT.

Vocals, Dancing and Fan fukn Service A+++.

Hi Touch –

By now, I needed holy water and two Motrin. I cannot even think straight. BTS Managers and Security were triple checking Hi Touch bracelets so by the time I got to them, the previous fan was long gone. And they all stood there in the empty room with their hands up. WATCHING AND WAITING. I cannot even describe what it took for me to walk over to them. As I did, to make it worse, Leader turned to Suga and said something something Noona in Korean. Then turned back smiling. So now, I am just floating by them. My soul watching from a corner, laughing her ass off.

As I got to Kookie, he obviously decided that my half glance was not the proper amount of eye contact or he was just being the lil devil that he is, leaned his face IN FRONT OF MINE and was like HI!!!! Then  Hoseok was right there after Kookie and did the EXACT SAME THING. THEY CAME FOR MY LIFE. I know this now.

Sweetie pie Jiminieee was last up. I was already turning to walk away when I felt his warm hand close down over mine. I was so surprised. I looked back and he was like “Bye, thank you for coming.” as I thought to myself, this cuteness is why Hoseok is always all over you. I was so touched by the hand holding though. I said “Bye Jiminieee” and left.

Was it worth the long line and throbbing feet? Yes. HELL YES. As soon as I saw them I forgot everything.

However, I will NEVER go to another TGM Event.

I’m sure BTS won’t either.


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