BTS & A.R.M.Y.s – Let’s Fix This…

There are a few BTS topics swirling around in my mind right now that I want to talk about. It took me a while to gather my thoughts but I’m ready. With that said, let’s do this.

I did not attend #TRBinNYC, not because I didn’t want to but because the tickets sold out right before my eyes even though I was logged into AXIS a half hour before the ticket sales started. The ticket level I was trying to purchase was VIP+ because I wanted to be as close as possible to BTS on stage and also for the guaranteed Hi Touch.

This post is solely based on my personal opinions of what I have seen with my two eyes and heard on Twitter, Tumblr and You Tube in the past week or so leading up to TRBinNYC.

First…Namjoon’s interview comment. Yes, I watched it. Many times before it was blocked. My perspective on what he said was this – we’ve all said something in our lives that as soon as it came out of our mouth, we wished we could take it the fuk back. This is why I would rather sit in silence to collect my thoughts, rather than just pop shit off wild west style. If this has never happened to you and you are 99 years old, I applaud you and send you a virtual high five. Otherwise, all I am saying is, it can happen. Not that it will, but it can.

Was I surprised by his comment? Meh. I’ve heard 10 to 13 year olds that live in my neighborhood say worse. Granted those boys are not k pop stars but their comments to each other are NEXT LEVEL. Actually, what RM said, I’ve heard as a “Diss” so many times, usually between guys, that it is old. Like played out OLD. So Leader, whatever old dusty ass floor you picked that up from, drop it back down and go wash your hands. (2015 remixed figure of speech from my mom)

Was I personally offended? Not really. Look at my “About Me”. I am brown skinned. Definitely darker than BTS. Yet I just came back from SK where I had guys not-so-low-key snapping pictures of me and saying I was cute in Korean. Obviously they can see me. Right? It also happened while I was in Japan. So, why should I be mad because a 20 year old said he couldn’t see his band mates because blah blah blah? These 7 guys live together, sleep together, eat together and gawd knows what else. We only see maybe 10% of their lives. If that. How do we know what they say to each other when the cameras are off? Suga just cussed at JHope in the last BBomb for waking him up and everyone (including me) thought that was the cutest thing ever. What I will say to BTS however, is to try to be careful about what you say on camera. But this goes back to my comments above. It STILL may or may not happen again.

Should RM have apologized? If I say something to my friend and you are there and take offense, I will NOT turn to you and say sorry. However, I am not a k pop star. I think if he had said tweeted sorry with a cute selfie showing dimples etc, many A.R.M.Y.s may have still been mad but not AS MAD.

Which brings me to the next topic – A.R.M.Y.s anger. I am not narrow minded and would never tell someone else how to live their life or feel their feelings. At all. However anyone felt about Leader’s comments was however they felt. I read all of the tweets, saw all of the hashtags and read all of the Tumblr posts. I understand what people were saying and where it was coming from. With that being said, WE ALL KNOW Big Hit has like 4 or 5 different Twitter accounts. They monitor Twitter a million times more than we follow BTS. When people started saying that they would say this and that to RM or physically touch him in a hurtful way when they went to TRB, a red fukin flag went up. I was like WTF. If Big Hit gets wind of this, it is not going to be nice. And every day that Leader didn’t apologize, the comments got worse. As I said, you can feel however you want to feel but the minute you take it to talking about getting in someones face and or putting your hands on them when you see them in person, you have now elevated the situation to a place where you will not be able to lower it back down. Namjoon is not a little kid from the block where you can go find his momma. He is the leader of a k pop group that was built around him and in two years of slaying has become Big Hit’s biggest group. If I was Big Hit Management, I would have my high beams on ALL those fans who seemed like they might even dare to touch a strand on my artists heads.

Okay. Then the big day arrives. BTS is back in the USA and first stop is the East Coast. While A.R.M.Y.s were singing along with BTS at TRBinNYC, virtual “shots” were fired. Someone who had nothing to do with shit, doesn’t even live in the USA, isn’t an A.R.M.Y. but had been seeing all of the drama unfold on social media between BTS and A.R.M.Y.s thought up some real fuck boy shit. Let’s send a death threat to RM. Since A.R.M.Y.s have already been saying things to Leader, Big Hit will probably think A.R.M.Y.s did it and shut shit down. So said so done. I saw when that Tweet popped up as a retweet from BTS ARMY official and my soul left my body, for real. I wasn’t in NYC but I sure as fuk was partying along through all the Twitter posts. I am not surprised they cancelled the high touch. IF I WAS BIG HIT, I WOULD CANCEL IT TOO. You know why? As far as Big Hit is concerned, BTS is their TOP ARTIST. Yes, they know the fans waited for hours. Yes, they probably saw the BTS Flash Mob and the Jimin @ the MAMAs cosplay cutie. Yes, they know people traveled from every where and paid top dollar. I know all of that too. We all do. But Big Hit will protect BTS first. Always remember that.

I kept it together last night until BTS started tweeting thank yous. Then A.R.M.Y.s (including myself) started apologizing and the tears came. Honestly, all of my social media is heavily related to following BTS. If I were to ever stop being A.R.M.Y, I would probably shut down most of my accounts. BTS is special to me and I’m 100% sure a lot of other A.R.M.Y.s feel the same way. I think that there were so many “Stop Moments” that could’ve been taken to keep this from getting to the point that it did.

So, what now?

Rebuilding the respect. I have seen that A.R.M.Y.s for the remaining TRB cities are planning to bow to BTS at the airports and at the shows. Nice. I’m fukin proud of you all. Bowing is definitely considered a sign of respect.

Show BTS we love them. They cried at the end of their show in SK and exited quickly in NY. The comparison is…just….NOT. I don’t even want to imagine the atmosphere in their van going back to the hotel. A.R.M.Y.s, you know what to do. They will appreciate it.

Know your boundaries as a fan. Don’t treat BTS as if they owe you something. We buy their merch, go to their events, follow their pages etc because we are A.R.M.Y.s and we love them. They work hard for us, practice night and day, diet etc because we are A.R.M.Y.s and they love us.

I don’t want to lose that.

Do you?


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