BTS 2015 Summer Package & Vacation!

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Credit: BTS official Facebook

The BTS 2015  Summer Package is finally here! \@_@/

Ever since the pictures of BTS were “leaked” on Twitter and then snatched down fast AF, I have been dying to see what Big Hit was hiding up their sleeves. Cause we all know there’s ALWAYS  something.

Last year’s Summer Package was okay. I was happy because I got Hoseok’s photo card but this year’s looks like it has some really cute items.

Besides the fact that Big Hit has been trying to empty our wallets by releasing BTS merch at least once a month, I have still put in my pre-order so now the wait is on until 7.22 when it ships.

I pre-ordered mine from Ktown4u because Big Hit recently raised their EMS shipping rate for foreigners…not that it wasnt already pricey before. The price of the summer package itself is not bad but when you add the shipping on the BTS Official Shop OMFGawd! $90+ bucks! N O P E.

Any-hue, I am superrrr excited and can’t wait to add it to my BTS collection, which is getting so obnoxiously large.

Til next time! ♡


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