Isha2SK2015 @ HaHa’s (Running Man) 401 Restaurant in Hongdae

Another one of our stops during our trip to SK was HaHa’s 401 Restaurant.

We had already done quite a bit of sight seeing in Hongdae, so by the time we arrived there it was night time and we were STARVING! The direction that we came from, we had to walk up a hill to get there. My legs and stomach were so not having it.

When we finally arrived, the restaurant was PACKED, which was no surprise. We were seated within 15 minutes or so, which gave us time to snap a few pictures.

The decor is Jamaican styled but not overly done. The seating is set up to maximize capacity which in our hungry state was appreciated. It was close but not close enough to be piled up on top of the other diners.

Our waiter was super cuteeee and after we placed our order, the first thing he brought to our table was the Asahi beer (Japanese) and two bottles of Soju. Can I just say, I don’t know what temperature the fridge is that they keep the Soju and beer in, but they were one degree down from being cold enough to have ice chips. Needless to say, on a hot day and after much walking, we flew through the first bottle like it was H2O. Which Soju is definitely not. So basically my condition was hot mess level, 10 minutes after we sat down. Yeah…My liquor tolerance is whack but I always remember everrrry thing.

The food was pretty good. We ordered two sets of Samgyupsal and Kimchi Stew, which came with the standard side orders. Whether my being tipsy from the Soju by the time the meat cooked had any impact on the taste, I am not sure but it did it’s due diligence. I loved the sauce that came with the meat. They left it on the grill, so it heats up as the meat cooks. Delish!!! One was kimchi flavored and the other was a spicy bbque.

We did not see Haha there, but we had fun regardless.

While we were waiting to go into 401, we noticed there was a Hookah Bar called gr8 Hookah Bar, which we barely made it across the street after leaving 401, to go as our next stop. I was lit up like a street lamp. The last thing I needed was more drinks butttt in we went. It is located in the basement level, and it took us about 10 minutes to get down the two flights of stairs. Soju is not to be taken lightly people.

It was super cool inside, the temperature and decor. The tables are multi leveled. When we sat down, we had to climb down into the circle where the base of the table was and then sit in the booth that was surrounding it. We got a strawberry Hookah and two drinks to ‘start’. The waitress then came back out and brought us two shots of a pink mystery drink as service.

Let’s just talk about this pink mystery drink for a second. First, it tasted like a strawberry shake. After we drank it is when the fire came. Holy sheit, the after kick was insane. After we polished off Pinkie and the drink we ordered, we asked for 2 more Pinkies as our next main drink because we apparently like fire…and the waitress brought another Pinkie again as service. I am calling it Pinkie because up to now, I still have NO CLUE what that drink was called.

Omg. I don’t know how we made it to the hotel. I was DONE. We did make it back though and I would for sure go back to both places again if I ever make it back to SK.

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