BTS – Memories of 2014 – Coming June 15th!


What is thisssss?!?!

After just buying BTS’s new CD The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 on KTOWN4U and also on MWave for the autographed copy, my BTS funds are running at an all time low.

Not to mention, I am also eyeing BTS’s Wake Up Concert – Japanese DVD and the Haru Hana 30 on Yes Asia.

Plus, I am now thinking about TRBinMexico. It falls right on my birthday, July 29th. What’s better than seeing BTS on your birthday? Right A.R.M.Y.s? Also, since the tickets for TRBinLA and TRBinNY were snatched up by people who are now selling them for $1000+, which is absolutely frickin’ ridiculous. BTS wouldn’t benefit from me paying that obnoxious price for a ticket, so Isha’s not buying it.

There’s also the mystery pictures that popped up on Twitter for 0.0005 seconds of BTS in Malaysia, which I was blessed enough to have seen. Gawd only knows what those were about. Something like the Thailand photo book maybe??? Hmmm. You never know what Bang Pd Nim has up his sleeves.


I will update this post when Big Hit releases more information.

Stay tuned!!! \@_@/

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