My coffee break @ The Min’s! \@_@/

I am currently on vacation in SK and one of the my “must see” places to go was one of the spots that BTS is always posting pictures at…2am Changmin’s shop The Min’s!

It was pretty easy to find. When we got there, I was feeling kinda shy so I was only snapping pictures outside when a very nice woman who was leaving approached me with her husband not too far behind.

She told me (in Korean) that it (The Min’s) was very good and that we should go inside. I thanked her while bowing and practically ran in, dragging my friend with me.

They were playing BTS’s music inside. I was in heaven. It was super cute but smaller than I previously thought. If anyone was in there while BTS is there, they would get AWESOME pictures from any seat.

Turns out the nice woman with her husband was 2am Changmin’s mother and father. My friend checked Twitter and saw their tweet from the shop. I was horrified that I missed such a good a photo op. She was very sweet. *sighs

Check out my pics below!. ^.^

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