Heard It Through The Grapevine – Korean Drama Mini Review


*This post may contain SPOILERS!!!

Plot (Credit: asianwiki.com)

Han Jung-Ho (Yu Jun-Sang) works at a law firm. He is a powerful man and even becomes involved with the appointment of a government official. He is married to an elegant and beautiful woman, Choi Yeon-Hee (Yoo Ho-Jeong), and has a perfect son, Han In-Sang (Lee Joon). Yet, Han Jung-Ho and Choi Yeon-Hee face difficulties and various incidents after their son marries a girl they never expected as a daughter-in-law (Ko Ah-Sung).

I am currently watching Heard it through the grapevine on Viki but sometimes I watch it on Drama Cool as they may have the subs first.

Can I just say, that this drama is very refreshing in the way that every time it starts to go “to the left” and present itself as having a “typical” Korean drama plot, the kids (Han In-Sang and Seo Bom) do or say something non-typical to Han In-Sang’s parents that shocks both myself and his parents.

I have seen wayyyy too many k dramas where a Lead allows their parents to stomp all over their significant other in the most disrespectful ways for episode after episode after episode. Seeing the collaboration, understanding and young love between Han In-Sang and Seo Bom is awesome. Han In-Sang absolutely adores his new wife and baby. He practically oozes it out of his pores and it is so so sweet and somehow also very smexy to watch. His voice is so yumm…..Sorry! Got side tracked for a sec. – _ – I also like that they communicate with each other well and that even when they say or do something that his parents don’t like, it is still done in the utmost respectful way.

His parents’ reactions to this though are frickin’ HILARIOUS, seeing as their son has obviously never shown any type of disagreement to anything they’ve told him to do or say before. His parents are totally over the top with their dramatic crying, out bursts and evil-in-laws-cosplay, which being the refined and classy people they portray to the general public, seeing their son and new daughter in law push them over the edge is everything and more. It really is something special to watch. Every time they try to set some new rule or boundary, they are either politely reprimanded by the kids or caught doing the exact same thing that they as the parents said not to do.

I really look forward to how this all continues to play out. Right now, although Han In-Sang and Seo Bom are married and have a child, they are still underage. The push and pull between his parents and the kids over this technicality is interesting. Seo Bom’s parents on the other hand are more flexible. Though they are upset she wasn’t able to go to college, they are happy she is married and won’t be a single mom. Plus their new son in law is very partial to them, and will quickly apologize or try to make amends for his parents’ erratic behavior.

I also thoroughly enjoy the commentary made by Han In-Sang’s parents staff. The situation is very unexpected and totally new to them. Seeing the ‘Young Master’ put his foot down, leads to many discussions between the staff, privately of course and well out of his parents ear shot. Their comments to each other about each event that happens can almost be considered fan comments*, as I find the things they say similar to what the viewers are commenting as they watch.

*On Viki, fans can comment as they watch the shows/movies. Subs show on the bottom of the screen while viewer comments appear on the top. This feature can be turned on or off as you watch. I always have it on. It is THE BEST. Especially when someone writes the exact same thing you were thinking….or screaming.

I also love the secretaries that work in Han In-Sang’s father’s office. Since where they sit in the office is an open style seating where someone can literally pop up from any direction, when something happens that they want to discuss they speak using a mix of Japanese and Korean. The first time I heard them I was like wait…Now I cackle at the pure genius of it. Not one person in the office is on to them.

I was a little hesitant about this drama at first, I won’t even lie.

After dying laughing watching the episode when Seo Bom had the baby in Han In-Sang’s parents house five minutes after she met them, I was like “OMFGawd Yaaaassss.”

Me likey. ^.^


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