Countdown to Korea – Update!!!

One month to go before I leave for Seoul!!!

screaming internally

As usual, my arch nemesis “Only One Suitcase” is still at large and needs to be conquered.

I have a pretty good idea of what I want to pack for my trip, but seeing as 50% of the items are not purchased and are currently still in their stores…

The weather in South Korea is being very disrespectful and adding to my packing woes.



SK, I need you to be at like 60-ish so that I can wear my outfits that are still in the stores. – _ –

I found out that recently that K Con Japan 2015 will be taking place while I am in SK. Which means there will be one or two days that Incheon will be absolutely swamped with all types of k pop goodies artists.

My camera and my body are ready.

Also…BTS, your East Coast Noona is coming!!!

screams internally again

I seriously don’t know if I’ll survive this trip to the k pop/drama promised land.

Between fan girling, eating, shopping and Soju-ing….SMH


…coming soon.


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