BTS Official Shop – The Red Bullet MD

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Picture(s) Credit: The BTS Official Shop

For those of you who are like me and were unable to attend a BTS Red Bullet concert, the announcement of the release of this merchandise in the official shop was a dream come true.

I don’t want to complain and say it took them long enough but….IT TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH.

Seriously. My poor, suffering, BTS obsessed soul.

Anyhue, I got the t shirt.

I am not sure how it will fit since both the t shirt and the hoodie are ‘One Size’ but they say on the site that they are over-sized, so fingers crossed.

If they still have the t shirt in the shop when I receive mine, I will update this post with a pic so you all can see the sizing.

I bought my t shirt at 12 midnight EST on the dot since the Now2 with the special gift sold out in like 5 minutes in the pre-order.

I thought it was better to be safe than so so sorry. – _ –

So now I have 3 BTS shipments I am waiting for. The Now2 w/ the special gift, the Red Bullet t shirt and the Fan Club 2nd term membership package.

Smh. I can’t even explain my actions…

You can get your Red Bullet merch here at The BTS Official Shop.

Happy shopping! ^^


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