Countdown to Korea!

The countdown is on….

Soon I will be fastening my seat belt once again for my first trip to Seoul, South Korea!

Can I just say, my feels are at an all time high. I don’t really know how I am going to contain myself over the next two and a half months.

I am going with a school mate of mine, whose love of K pop and K dramas are totally on par with mine. We watch pretty much all of the same dramas, we both melt like ice cream for Bangtan Boys and also love Korean foods, so this trip is going to be INSANE.

I purchased my new Samsung camera on Black Friday, fully equipped with wifi and all sorts of other goodies, so I can be on FULL paparazzi mode from the minute we land in Incheon. We are hoping to spot some celebs on our trip and I have a strong feeling we won’t be disappointed.

Our schedule is totally jam packed. From Hongdae to Jeju, we are planning to fit in as much as we possibly can. A Bangtan fan meeting is high on the to do list, of course. Seeing them would be…OMG. I can’t even find the words.

I will probably gain a ton of weight on this trip, as I plan to eat everything in sight. – _ – There’s a few restaurants that were featured in the drama Let’s Eat that are on our list, the Hello Kitty cafe (I saw online that the cafes sell HK wearing a hanbok…HAVE TO get her), The Mins…Basically every where there’s food and drinks. Yum! I can taste the calories already.

If you have been to Seoul and know of any must see places or must eat spots, please let me know.

I am totally open to suggestions! ^^


6 thoughts on “Countdown to Korea!

  1. I went to Korea back in 2012 to visit family and it was one of the best experiences of my life! I would recommend going to the palaces and there is a fortress in Suwon and we got to try archery :D also Everland was fun if you like amusement parks. I would also recommend Insasong (it may be full of tourists but it’s a nice place to experience traditional culture). Also if you can stop at a Buddhist temple the experience is well worth it! I hope you have a fun, safe trip!


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