In too deep…The struggles of a fandom girl

I’ve always been a very musically influenced person. Music motivates me and also has a strong link to my emotions. SUPER strong. For me, a song can go from “Mehhh” to “OMG, that’s my jam!”, if it’s catchy and even more so if it has also dope MV. I also like to ‘cross the border’ and listen to songs in different languages from other countries. For those, even if I only have a rough translation of the lyrics, it goes back to the foundation. The music, the beats, the tempo and the voice of the artist(s).

To my current knowledge, only one of my friends is into k pop. I  just recently found that out around March. So basically, when I first started listening to k pop, there was no one to warn me of the implications. I know how silly that may sound but really, once you start to bias one particular k pop group, that’s it. Even worse if you also bias one of the members of your bias group. If this applies to you, you might as well stop reading this right now, get a suitcase, book a flight and move to South Korea because that is the only way to BARELY survive being in a fandom. I say barely because I’m sure the fandom struggles over there are like mine TIMES one million. I think about packing up and moving there at least three times a month. Twice a month because I really do want to live in either Japan or South Korea. Once a month because BTS nearly drives me to the edge of my sanity by doing something that they DO.

When my friend first introduced me to BTS aka Bangtan Boys, my first reaction was “They’re too young!” Now, when I look back, I laugh at myself. I’ve come a LONG way in a VERY short time.

BTS is my complete package. Their looks are killer. Every.Single.One.Of.Them. With or without performance/photo shoot make up. They can sing, dance, rap, model, make me laugh and make me cry. Everything. I knew my ass was REALLY in trouble when I started to bias one of the members. Now, my life is pretty much over. Seriously. I wish I was making this stuff up.

I’ve never invested so much time, money or emotion into a group before and it’s only getting worse as time goes on. Everything they do, I want to see. Everything they sell, I want to buy. Every song they release, I want to hear. Even their pre-debut music, which BTS has a lot of and the quality is as high as their debut albums.

I have three active blogs that I currently manage, as some of you may know. My Daum is more of a stop over blog, so that I’ll get a wider audience range. It is a struggle, especially over the last three to four months, to keep their content balanced. When I started them, it was easier. Now, BTS is slowly taking over. HOWEVER, I will continue to try to keep them in check for the sake of my readers. I promise! ^^

I am currently on the second to last step on my fandom girl struggles, making friends with other members of the BTS fandom online.

The last step will be when I go to Korea in a few months and can actually attend a BTS fan sign and/or performance.  OMG. I get the shivers just thinking about it.

I am definitely in too deep.

The fandom girl struggle is REAL.

Someone, please send help…

While you are waiting for me to upload pics of the men in the white coats taking me away, check out my BTSing post. ~ _ ~



5 thoughts on “In too deep…The struggles of a fandom girl

  1. “I’ve never invested so much time, money or emotion into a group before and it’s only getting worse as time goes on.”
    Same. But isn’t it scary tho? We’ve seriously invested a lot of time to this particular boy group who doesn’t even know we exist? Sad but true. To them, we are just another fan girl. But still, they never fail to bring me happiness when I watch their shows or bangtan bomb. ♥ They’re really random and hilarious and dorky. xD


    1. Yessss. It is really scary. Especially since they only debuted a year ago and I already covet them at such an unhealthy level. Lol! They are so adorable, sincere and hella talented. Whenever Big Hit tweets and I see a You Tube link, I lose my dam mind. Omg. What are we gonna do about these 7 guys holding us hostage??? Thanks for commenting! ^^ It’s always nice to hear from someone else in the fandom. Kekeke

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  2. Hello.. I m noona to bts too. Maybe we are Ard the same age. I just liked bts like last year Nov due to danger. They are totally hard to resist…. nice to see fellow noona.

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