Bangtan Chocolates

I can’t even begin to explain how I thought of this….

Well I can, but it might seem a little pedo noona-ish. – _ –

However, it’ll keep swirling around in my brain until I share it with you all so here we go….

Bangtan Chocolates

J Hope – Milk Chocolate with Caramel. The outside is deceiving. It is seems regular but inside it’s very Sweet and super Sticky.
Jin  Milk Chocolate with Strawberry Cream. Sweet outside and creamy Princess pink inside.
Jungkook – Chocolate covered Apple. We all know JK is underage in the US, right? So even though he’s got a chocolate outside, inside is apple, the Forbidden Fruit.
Rap Monster – White chocolate with Oreo. Sweet white chocolate outside with some chocolate cookie bits inside. His style and personality are light and dark but so tasty.
Suga – Cherry Cordial. Crunchy shell with a sweet cherry interior. It’s hard to crack it open but when you do the sweetness oozes out.
V – Caramel Nut Praline. Sweet, Nutty, Creamy and looks so Yummy.
Jimin –  Melted milk chocolate. Hot, sweet, melted, messy, creamy chocolate. You want to spread it all over everything cause it tastes so good on everything.

OMG…..That was intense.
Now I need a glass of milk. ~ _ ~



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