I lost my cell phone!!! @_@

The one thing I NEVER thought I’d EVER do…I finally did it.

My friend and I went to the Boston Tattoo Convention yesterday. (I have 3 tattoos)

The Convention this year was huge! The number of artists doubled and there were some famous ones there as well so the amount of attendees doubled as well.


As soon as we walked in, we were bombarded with rock music, the droning of tattoo guns and of course tattoos. It was like a tattoo euphoria. My friend immediately went into ‘lost child’ mode, where every time I turned around, she had disappeared and I had to go find her.

We walked around for hours until she found someone she wanted to get a piece from but since he was one of the more popular artists, he was already pre-booked for the weekend. We are planning to go to the shop he’ll be at for a few weeks in Boston. If I get another one, do you all want to see a video clip? I might have tears in my eyes tho. Kekeke

Any-hue, after all of that sensory overload, we started to head out and went to the ladies room before we hit the road. My cell phone was in my back pocket of my jeans so I could whip it out if I saw something amazing that I needed to snap a quick photo of. To avoid having to fish my phone out of the toilet, I put it down on top of the toilet paper holder. Big mistake!

We left and got all the way back to my friends car, she started it up and every thang, then I was like wait…looked in my bag…no phone. I IMMEDIATELY went into panic mode. EVERY THING is on my phone. Even though my phone is password locked, I have a SIM that was not. With the Super Tech kids these days, that can hack into the FBI’s main frame by the time they are 10 years old, I was legit scared for my phone’s life.

We ran back to the Sheraton Hotel where the tattoo convention was being held and busted into the restroom like S.W.A.T. No phone. We went to security. No phone. Front desk. No phone. I was, at this point having a total melt down. Besides the fact that I can’t remember the passwords for 90% of my phone apps because they are left open for easier access, I don’t know anyone’s number because all I do is press their name to dial and every picture I’ve taken since I got that phone would be gone….Oh My Gawddd. The horror!!!!

Suddenly a light went off, call the damn phone!!! Durrr. My friend called twice from her cell. No answer. My friend said, “Maybe they can’t hear the ringer.” Ohhh noooo. My ringtone is BTS’s new song Danger and if the person can’t hear that crazy guitar intro with all that bass with Rap Monster saying “You’re in DANGER” then they don’t need a phone because they are deaf.

I took her phone and called my phone again. A woman answered. I literally died and came back to life. “I have your phone and I’m on the 3rd floor. Come now because I have to leave.” We RACED to the 3rd floor. It was completely deserted. I passed the phone to security because the person who picked up my phone and didn’t take it to security was now threatening to LEAVE with my phone. “I CAN’T!!!” I told him and my friend and bolted to the lobby to see if the lady was there. She was not. I went back upstairs. My friend and the security were now gone. I started towards the mall entrance and spotted my friend and the security walking through the crowd towards me. My friend suddenly beamed the brightest smile and held up my phone.

I can’t even begin to describe in words how I felt when I saw it. I felt like giving it a spanking for wandering off with a stranger or giving it a kiss like a long lost love. I didn’t do either of those but I did swear a whole lot while I stuck it ALL THE WAY into the bottom of my purse.

So I guess the moral of this story is that no piece of technology should have more control over you than you have over yourself….

LMAO!!! Who am I kidding? ^ _ ^ 



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