Isha’s Adventures in Japan – Harajuku, Omotesando

Next stop Harajuku and Omotesando!

We were unable to make it to Harajuku on the Sunday after we arrived due to a rain storm so we went on a Monday instead. The reason I’d wanted to go on a Sunday is because that is THE day to be in Harajuku. Everyone is out and about. It is also the best time to see the girls that dress up in Lolita, Goth and various other cute but sometimes way over the top outfits.

Once leaving the Yamanote line Harajuku station, we went out the Omotesando exit, since KiddyLand was our first destination. A note for those of you who may be traveling to Japan…If you are supposed to take a certain exit to leave a train station, take that exit only! I learned the hard way on my first trip to Japan last year after just exiting the stations where ever. You will end up where ever and no where close to where you wanted to go. Even if it takes a few extra minutes, look for your correct exit.

Omotesando is another very popular shopping area in Tokyo for tourists and the younger natives. It has a similar set up to Akihabara in the way that you can walk down one side and then cross over and walk back up the other. Many people were also there taking pictures or just hanging out and people watching.

KiddyLand was as awesome and overwhelming as I remembered it. It was packed with people of course. Each floor is themed, not a surprise right? It has a Snoopy Town, Hello Kitty, Lego, LINE and a lots of others thrown in. It is so sweet and and cute, your teeth and eyes are burning by the time you leave the store. It was surprising how many guys were in there. Some were even by themselves. I guess they are used to all of the super kawaii-ness that comes with living in Japan. Or maybe they were just passing through to go to the Lego floor. – _ –  I did well this time. I managed to leave KiddyLand without having to auction off my plane tickets home.

We then went to a ramen shop that I’d also been to on my last visit, that I had been DYING to go back to. It is very traditional looking. The name is written in Kanji that I don’t know…sorry but I can tell you it is on a small side street after the Swarovski store. In that same side street, TGIFridays is directly across from it. It’s hard to miss. It has a sliding wooden door with a narrow wooden table and stools that borders the middle area where the cooks are making the food. Sort of like what you see in Naruto but a little bigger. Just like I remembered, it didn’t disappoint. I was absolutely comatose when we left.

From there we bee lined over to Takeshita Street aka Takeshita-dori which is a street for pedestrians only and is lined with shops, restaurants, etc on both sides. It is interesting to see how everyone automatically walks down the left side and then come back up on the right side. It’s almost like a people highway. Don’t stop, just take the exit (store) you want and get off.

I wasn’t really there for the clothing stores, I was on the hunt for a cafe. I absolutely love how many cafes Japan has that just sell desserts. The desserts not only look but also taste fantastic. It’s always nice to duck into one after a hard day of shopping. ~ _ ~ We ended up finding a really nice one and got some tiramisu, ice coffee and a coke. It was super yummy and a  tasty way to end our day.

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