So Ji Sub – 18 Years Feat. Saetbyul – Official MV

Can we talk about this???

I am SO blown away right now.

Many of you who read my posts know that  So Ji Sub Oppa (hee hee @ Oppa) is on my Top 5 Bias List.

I knew he was coming out with an album and I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical but this song….OMG.

Let’s break this down shall we?

I like to break things down. It slows down the fan girling process and forces me to organize my thoughts. ~ _ ~

  1. The music – There is a hint of reggae in it, which I looooove. The ‘oooooh’ reminds me of Barrington Levy (reggae artist) who tends to sing that in the hook of a lot of his music. The beat itself is sick and very catchy. I’ve already watched the MV 6 times. * _ *

  2. The artist – His voice is hawwwwt. I knew his voice was low but not THAT low. He makes good use of it and it adds depth. I love the fast and slow transitions.

  3. The MV – Not over nor under done. I love his message. You can tell what he’s talking about even without the English translation. He displays that smexy face of his without being ‘model-y’. That side ways smirk of his. OMGawwwd.

  4. Feat. Saetbyul – Her voice adds a nice dimension to the song. Finding an artist that compliments is critical in a song. She adds but doesn’t take away from So Ji Sub’s performance.

Final thoughts –

I need to purchase this song asap.

I need to go to Korea asap.

I need to see So Ji Sub perform asap.

I need to listen to this song again.



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