Finally!!! Friend 2 – The Great Legacy

I have to say, finding Friend 2 was like looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.You can clearly see the rainbow but where the hell is the pot?!  – _ –

I would gladly buy the DVD so that I can replay Kim Woo Bin growling in a sexy Busan accent for almost two hours over and over again but alas the version for sale is only able to be viewed by DVD players in Region 3 – Asia.

Note to self: Self! Please buy a damn DVD player when you go to Japan next month!!!

Anyhue. I was finally able to find it on Daily Motion with Spanish subs. I can understand very basic Spanish so I was okay with that, as long as I could see the movie. It was in 10 minute increments, which would’ve pissed me off for another movie but since I’ve been looking for it for months, I was okay with that too. When I got about 30 minutes in, I found parts 3 and 4, which were English subbed AND half hour or so each. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

So, on to the movie. It was a little confusing here and there, especially with the flash backs that weren’t in the first movie. Whenever my eyebrows started to crease downwards when I got lost, Woo Woo would show up on-screen to spring them right back up into place.

He is…Kim Woo Bin is…..EVERYTHING. Seeing him act as a bad boy, not a Heirs bad boy but a GANGSTER bad boy was a huge treat for me.

My favorite scenes were when he goes to the hospital to ‘visit’ Eun-ki and when he confronted Lee Jeong-suk about his father’s death. Actually, every part of the movie with Woo Woo in it was my favorite, but that’s the fan girl coming out and I am trying REALLY hard not to go down that road at 2:37 am.

I feel like I did when I saw Woo Woo in Heirs. He totally owned his role and in doing so, stole the spot light from the more senior actors. All in all, I am happy that I found it. I would still like to own a copy. Film companies in Korea need to realize that the Noona population in America that likes Korean actors is very large. They should make these movies available world-wide so that we can buy and enjoy them, just like the Noonas in Asia.

I noticed and have also heard that Woo Woo is REALLY popular with Noonas and Ahjummas in Korea.

Bringing their babies to his fan meets dressed like dinosaurs….  ~ _ ~



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