This week so far…

This week has been insane and it’s only Wednesday.

It started with me being totally bummed that I was missing BTS in Japan by one month.

But then a special delivery package came and cheered me right up.

Special delivery from me to me, of course.

My HARU HANA and BTS albums arrived!

My current Bangtan Boys Collection:

My BTS Collection

I have been non-stop BTSing since then.

Oh. Sorry. BTSing is an extremely high and possibly unsafe level of fan girling.

Then I heard about something equally as good.


O….M….G!!!! * _ *

Didn’t know I LOVE all things Hello Kitty? I even have a HK tattoo.

Check out My Obsessions – Hello Kitty blog.

Now….I’m thinking about going to the HK CON instead of the K CON.


The struggle is REAL. @ _ @


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