K Drama Nicknames

While  watching my K Dramas on the Viki app, I like to have the viewer comments displayed on the screen. They are usually at the top, while the subs show up down below. It was a little distracting at first but now I’m so used to them that I’d rather have them on than off.

It makes me feel as if I have a kindred soul watching with me. I always giggle in delight when someone posts something that I was thinking to myself…..or screaming out loud. ^ _ ^

Another part of the viewers comments that I like are the cute nicknames that they give to certain characters during the series of K Drama episodes. Sometimes the writers of the dramas give the characters their own nicknames as well.

If it is a drama you’ve seen, can you tell who they are referring to just by the nickname?

Drama – Doctor Stranger, Nickname – Lollipop Ahjusshi

Drama – You’re All Surrounded, Nickname – Boots

Drama – Secret Love Affair, Nickname – Foxy

Drama – A Witch’s Romance, Nickname – Polar Bear

Drama – I Need Romance 3, Nickname – Sweet Potato

Drama – School 2013, Nickname – F5

What are some of your K Drama Nicknames?


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