Japanese vs Korean

I’ll start by breaking it down by country.


I have been taking Japanese for two years and took my first trip to Japan in March 2013. I will also be going back in July.

I love Japanese anime. I’ve been a huge fan for a few years now. I am not as big a fan of the other parts of Japan’s entertainment industry but there are a few things that I have enjoyed like One Ok Rock (music) and 13 Assassins (movie), just to name a few.

I think Japan is beautiful. The people, the customs, everything. It is so CLEAN but you never see anyone cleaning. Magic pixies…maybe. The transportation system and staff are top notch and their long distance trains (Shinkansen) are amazing. I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the idea.


I love Korean foods and customs. I am currently planning a trip there with a school friend for February 2015.

My obsession with Korean dramas, movies and music doesn’t seem like it will end anytime soon. This has lead to me also want to be able to understand what is being said when I listen to or watch these genres.

Which brings me to my conflict. Do I continue studying Japanese or do I switch to Korean?

I have been giving this a lot of thought over the past few months.

I previously wanted to move to Japan. Let’s say within the next two years or so. Now I also find myself also saying that if the opportunity arises for me to live in Korea instead, that I would take it.

So what to do?

My conclusion after lots of soul searching was to continue taking Japanese AND also take Korean. Why not? You only live once and I hate having regrets. Whichever country I end up moving to, the other will be a lot closer to me than what it is now. The air fare will be a lot cheaper as well.

There you have it folks. I refuse to give up either of my two loves so like a boss, I’m going to have them both.

Your limit is only as much as you set it to be.  ^_^


2 thoughts on “Japanese vs Korean

  1. Yes, learn both! I started teaching myself Brazilian Portuguese while taking Spanish in HS (granted, they are similar enough). I mean, I’m no polyglot, but I can sing my favorite songs in Portuguese (and actually know what I’m saying).

    You’ll pick up hangul in no time, it really is simple to learn. Knowing what you’re saying/reading is a different story. :-)

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    1. Thanks for your feedback! Before I started taking Japanese, it took me years to find something that I was interested in enough to actually sit down and study it. Now that I have the same level of interest in Korean, why not throw that into the cooking pot and see what comes out? ^_^


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